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My friend and president of Bit Perfect, Richard Murison, asked me to comment on why we do not simply build a Power Plant AC regenerator into each piece of equipment we sell. For, after all, if it's important to have perfect power for best performance (and it is), why require customers to purchase a separate AC regenerator to drive products? This is a really good question and one we get asked a lot. There are multiple answers. The first answer is the easiest: size and cost. A true AC regenerator is a full class A/B stereo power amplifier whose input source is a sine wave generator. It is no more complex than that. So, imagine if we took one of our DACs and added a stereo power amplifier complete with its own power supply and sine wave generator, in addition to what is already inside. There's little chance we have the real estate to do so. Most of our products are quite packed inside and there's no room for adding a complete stereo power amplifier. And even if we could it would significantly raise the cost of any products we make. A complete power amplifier is not cheap to build. But these quick answers bring up a new group of obvious questions: why not use a small and efficient class D amplifier for at least the source equipment? A small stereo power amplifier surely cannot be too big if it only must power a few watts, like that used by a DAC? Are there any issues having an AC regenerator housed in the same chassis as that of sensitive electronics? Wouldn't you still need an external AC regenerator for those products not made by PS Audio? Lastly, would building AC regenerators inside our equipment not hurt sales of external Power Plants? Let's tackle each question one at a time.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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