Breaking with tradition

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Breaking with tradition
I know what I am about to do isn't proper, kosher, or acceptable, but it's the last day of the year so, what the hell. The first time I heard Thom LaFond's first track New Wildfire, I thought it was Harry Connick Jr. Really. I know, it's not cool to suggest one artist sounds like another, but… And danged if the next track, Isolation Hymn doesn't sound like another famous group (you tell me). And then the third track, Life as a Sigh is pure Thom. This latest release from Octave is by far my favorite to date. Not only do the releases get better as the engineers hone their skills, but the artist's productions do as well. I have a new reference album in The Moon Leans In. It's one hell of a great piece of music and an amazing accomplishment in the recording arts. Whether you have just a CD player or a full on streaming rig you want to rip or add the download to, this is now not to miss. Have fun!
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