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Bits and pieces
We're dipping into a bit of the past with this post but I thought you might find it of interest. As you read this we're tearing down the finished AN3 loudspeakers we've been laboring over and putting them on a truck for tomorrow's setup day at RMAF. Over the past few weeks, it's been a whirlwind of change and work getting to this point and I haven't had much of a breather to share the "sausage-making" behind the scenes shots, so forgive me. As some may remember, the new construction for AN3 is in two boxes, a top cabinet with the twin midbass woofers, and the coaxial ribbon midrange and tweeter. The bottom cabinet is all subwoofer with its frightening 12" beast and 700-watt amplifier. Here, have a look: This will give you a better idea of how that works. The finished cabinets aren't that heavy and even I can easily lift one and pop it onto the sub cabinet. From there, it's easy to add the side fastener that tie the two together. On the rear of the speaker are multiple sets of binding posts where the top and bottom cabinet's audio signal are connected via supplied jumpers. I'll send you pictures of what this looks like when I get a chance. Below are even more pictures. You can see a closeup of the new custom ribbon coax midrange Chris designed, the custom leveling hardware on the base, and what the new woofer looks like peeking through the side panel. Tomorrow it's all hands on deck at the show set up day.
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