Big little changes

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Big little changes
I find it fascinating to watch myself getting older. Day by day nothing seems to change, yet somehow the mirror doesn't reflect the picture of a younger me I harbor in my head. We can't see long term aging as it happens any more than we can view a tree growing, yet we know that they happen. The same can be said for our home audio systems. Small tweaks and changes might make a noticeable difference in the moment but fade into a blur over the long term. Only big shifts in our gear—new speakers, amps, DACs—make a permanent change we can rely upon. I can make temporary fixes to my personal appearance by coloring my hair or changing my wardrobe, but unless I can change me the endless march continues. And that's the beauty of our audio systems. As technology and improvements in equipment make real progress we can upgrade to a new performance level that might have once been unimaginable. I can't replace me, but I sure as heck can get a new lease on life for my system. Ain't life grand?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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