Being best

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Being best

My sometimes (often) over exuberance at how something sounds or performs is probably something I'll never get over. I like getting excited and I thrive on being part of something that gets me excited.

I'll bet most of us are just like that, whatever our fields of interest are.

And when I say something is the best I assume most people understand that is a relative term: the best I have heard, the best I have experienced. 

Same with you, right?

No one thing is actually better than everything else. There are simply too many variables, too many things for that to be a reality.

Our aspen speakers are the best speakers I have ever heard in 50 years of working in this field. That does not mean they are the best speakers in the world? They can't be, any more than me saying this or that ice cream is the best in the world.

At its core, best is relative to us. 

I suppose that's simplistic, but it's the best I have (pun intended).

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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