Before they are gone

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Before they are gone
Octave Record's vinyl releases seem to go pretty quickly. We sold out of the Gabriel Mervine in a matter of hours (what a spectacular recording!). As I have mentioned in earlier Paul's Posts, there's something very magical about what happens when we go from the DSD master to the vinyl cutting lathe. I truly wish I could tell you I understand it, but alas, I do not. But I sure hear it! In any case, just know that the original Octave SACD release, Don Grusin's Out of Thin Air, is gone (though will always remain available for download) and the limited edition vinyl is nearly gone. And, on that same note (pun intended), the vinyl of Temporary Circumstances, ("it’s simply amazing! It’s like I’m right in the studio with the band! Excellent music on very, very good vinyl. Make sure to order one of these before they are gone!) is down to just under one hundred copies. If you're into vinyl, here's your chance to own something great.
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