Balancing EQ And Ketchup

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Balancing EQ And Ketchup

In just about every commercial recording studio in the world, (and most every recording you hear) the practice of EQ’ing is commonplace: correcting problems like unwanted background noise, microphone imbalances, and other anomalies that affect the clarity and quality of sound.

Unfortunately, like ketchup, salt, pepper, and other condiments, it is often overused resulting in the music sounding artificial.

How tempting it must be to add a little sparkle here and a little bloom there. One can easily get carried away such that it draws attention to itself.

Just like we don’t want to overwhelm the flavor of the food, making it taste artificial or unappetizing, seasonings and EQ should be used sparingly to enhance the flavors and music rather than smother it.

Equalization and ketchup are powerful tools that when used sparingly and with care are never noticed.

As soon as we get a bit heavy-handed, that’s when we notice.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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