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They say beauty is only skin deep and I think that's a true statement. If the outside appearance doesn't match the insides, then we reject the entire package. This is one of the challenges industrial designers face. They have the privilege of foreknowing the insides of a new product and charged with designing the outer attraction package. If they do their job right the outer appearance will not only tell the story of the insides but will be attractive in the right way. Take a power amplifier as an example. If you have a wimpy little 20-watt power amplifier you're not going to want to package it in a massive brute of a chassis like the P20. People may be at first attracted but as they discover the outsides don't match the insides the unit will be rejected. Beauty is only skin deep. The art of telling a story through appearances is a tough one few get right. I am always in awe of designers like Charles and Bernice Eames responsible for some of the most iconic products. And what made them iconic is the story their appearances told were honest to purpose. Our own Bill Abplanalp, who's been with the company for more than forty years, is also a gifted designer. If you've ever enjoyed the story told by PS Audio product products, you've got Bill to thank for them.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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