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Aspen update
The Aspen FR30s in Music Room 2 have so enamored me (and everyone that has had the chance to listen) that I've taken Octave Record's new mixing console out of the studio and plunked it down right in front of the sweet spot listening position. The setup is funky. I am using a Taylor Swift album cover as a mouse pad. But the sound. Oh, the sound is hypnotic and the clarity and transparency—the sweetness of the midrange!—are unlike anything I have experienced in over 50 years of listening. I find it hard to break away from the room. Future Octave releases will be mixed on these amazingly revealing speakers. We are making magic. I can't wait to share them with you. The first pair have shipped! I was going to video their departure but the truck showed up when I was in the middle of a management meeting. Ugh. Next week we'll ship out 10 more pair. Each is on its own pallet, and in this country, hand-delivered by our hand-selected shipping company that will bring them to your door, take them to where you wish them to reside, and unbox them for you. Within the next few weeks, Chris Brunhaver (the speaker's designer) and I will travel to several of the first owner's homes and help set them up and (of course) video the whole experience so you can see how this is going to work and what their reactions will be (these are some of the easiest speakers to setup I have ever worked with). In the meantime, we've managed to sell out Round 3 reservations and have opened a 4th. Round 4 will ship by August 31st. I know that's an awfully long time to wait, so if you're interested in upgrading your system to these magical speakers, get your reservation in now before this latest round sells out too. Can't wait for you to hear the magic these speakers make. Go here to reserve your pair before Round 4 sells out. (If you're outside the United States, don't fret. Our international distributors have all placed their orders and in April we will begin big shipments worldwide. Several of our bigger distributors will be receiving their showroom samples this month so please reach out and see if your country is among the chosen few)
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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