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Art Of HiFi Series

Thank you for all the kind words from those just now receiving their SACD copies of The Art of HiFi Series: Bass. (I especially liked “rattled my wife’s dental plates”)

What’s next in the series?

There are so many aspects of HiFi to explore I thought I would share my most recent thoughts and then ask for yours.

Soundstaging is of great interest to me. Depth, in particular.

For those who have downloaded or received their copy of Bass, have a listen to Track 3, The Power of Life*. It’s a real sleeper (because it starts off so quietly), and if you’re going quickly through the album in search of those bass notes, you might not have noticed it. Halfway through the track, the organist backs off the monster instrument and gently tickles the upper keys, which excites pipes in the far right of the room. Those pipes were maybe 100 feet away from the microphone, and because there were not yet low notes to fill the room, those faraway pipes stand alone in the recording. On my system with the FR30s, the sense of depth is nothing short of extraordinary. You hear the 100-foot distance. *(even if you haven’t gotten a copy, you can easily hear what I am referring to listening to the sample tracks. I hear obvious depth even on my little computer speakers)

What would we think about one of the series dedicated to soundstaging—specifically, depth—or is that too narrow of a subject for an entire album?

Just because I am enamored with such things doesn’t mean everyone is. I am curious if there is enough interest in the subject or if perhaps a broader approach would be more welcome: width, height, depth, space between instruments, etc.

Or, maybe there’s an entirely different subject you’d like us to cover.

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