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My car is a she and we two have a relationship with each other. Some of my amp choices are brutish thugs, while others have a romantic streak in them. My DAC's a delicate female while my cables are without personality. My listening room can move between various characters depending on my mood. It is not uncommon for us to anthropomorphize our inanimate objects—to think of them in human terms. She's my favorite cup. I think one of the advantages of this practice is the ease of which it allows us to relate to the features and characteristics of the devices we interact with. It feels more personal. It helps me build a mental model of how a particular piece of kit might interact with the others in the system. Kind of like how you imagine how a particular person might fit into a group or get along with others. Knowing my BHK amps can grab hold of whatever given them and dole out both authority and beauty is helpful when it comes to pairing them with cables and preamps. I'll bet you feel the same way about the parts and bits in your system. My guess is that to some extent, we all anthropomorphize some aspects of our music reproduction chain. What's the personality of your system?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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