Free nibbles and drinks!

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Free nibbles and drinks!

As soon as I hear that not only can I get a demo of the what HiFi News called "the £10k standard in loudspeakers", but, there's also free snacks and drinks to boot, I am in!

Unfortunately for me, it's all the way in England. However, for those of you on the opposite side of "the Pond", here you go:

"In response to many requests at last year’s UK Hifi Show at Ascot, Signature Audio Systems would like to invite you to a free open door demonstration of PS Audio’s Aspen FR10 loudspeakers on Saturday 18th May at the Donnington Manor Hotel, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, TN13 2TD.

You are welcome to join us from 10am - 6pm to experience the FR10s in a moderately priced system. We will be using CD, Streaming and Vinyl playpack. Feel free to attend with your own music choices in CD/Vinyl. We’ll provide drinks and nibbles free of charge, all you need to do is contact us to confirm your interest (see contact details below).

“Setting the £10k standard” says Hi-fi News who also awarded the Aspen FR10s with an “Outstanding Product Award” mirroring the awards for the Aspen FR30 & FR20 loudspeakers. Adam Smith (Hifi News) said “the FR10s reward handsomely, offering a scale & level of authority that belies their compact dimensions.”

“The FR10 sets the £10k standard!”

Come and enjoy an informal & laid back demonstration of these groundbreaking loudspeakers from PS Audio on Saturday 18th May, easy access with free parking, very close to Sevenoaks in Kent. This is your opportunity to get up close and personal with PS Audio’s Aspen FR10 loudspeakers.

For a free no obligation demonstration of the Aspen FR10 Loudspeakers: North/Midlands – Fanthorpes Ltd, Hull – 01482 223096 Scotland – Audio Emotion, Leven - 01333- 425999 South – Signature Audio Systems – 07738 - 007776

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Founder & CEO

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