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We've had a number of requests from music lovers the world over to give them a little love on Octave Records. In particular, some of the original releases.

We've gone through the catalog and hand selected a number of our favorites that really should be a part of any music lover's libraries. For a limited time, these releases are available to you in vinyl, SACD, and download at reduced prices.

If you haven't yet filled your library with these wonderful state of the art treasures, head over to the Octave Record's page and thumb through the catalog to see which are available.

And don't forget you can listen to all the great music available on Octave Records by "tuning in" to Octave Radio. 

Octave Radio is available worldwide, for free, over the internet. Here is the stream URL: You can simply click on that link and the station will play on your browser. Easier and better, add that link to your favorites in the radio section of Roon, or if you have a Sonos system, add it to the Tune In app. If you need help, let me know.

Have fun!

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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