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In yesterday's post about my dislike for Sample Rate Converters I must add one more thought: all sample rate converters are not equal. Some actually help the sound while most do the opposite.

This is important to note because I don't want folks to get the wrong idea. My main beef with Sample Rate Converters in hardware DACS is the lack of choice. How do you know if what they do is good or bad if you cannot choose in or out?

There's a reason we've always done our best to offer choices on our equipment: Straightwire in/out, Sample Rate converter in/out, Filters 1 through 5, big power supplies or little power supplies, MultiWave or no MultiWave.

Plain fact is if you can't compare one with the other, then how do you know it's better or worse? Some PC based software has selectable upsamplers that you can choose to use or not. That's a great idea and something I consider a feature benefit.

I would encourage all high-end audio manufacturers to offer choices wherever it makes sense - not a dizzying array of too many confusing choices - but a few well placed important ones.

We all want to empower our customers and that's hard to do with nothing to A/B.

"C" what I mean?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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