A late thank you

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A late thank you
I run a pretty busy schedule. Which is often my lame excuse for failing to do something that deserved being done. It's not adequate as an excuse, but it's all I have. It had been pointed out to me in my post welcoming our new Copper Magazine editor Frank Doris to the fold, that I neglected to publicly thank our old editor, Bill Leebens. Doh! Leebs, as he liked to be called, put out Copper Magazine for 97 issues without missing a beat. The very first issue of Copper launched on March 17, 2016. As we get close to the year 2020, that almost seems like ancient history. A lot of words under the bridge. Thank you, Bill. I know how hard you worked on Copper: the hours spent with your office door closed and the music blaring as you wrote and edited (hey, you played some great tunes!), the number of cats you had to harangue to get their stories in on time, the debates you and I had over content and direction. We are all better for your contributions. Copper has become a staple for many. A wonderful journey into music, Hi-Fi, humor, and lifestyle without the burden of ads, politics, and bile (well, sometimes a bit of bile from Roy). Thanks Bill. You will be missed. If you'd like to receive Copper Magazine in your inbox, it's simple and free. Go here and join the Hi-Fi Family.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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