World Music

World Music

Written by Frank Doris

From the Museum of the Hard to Believe: a 1970s ADC Accutrac 4000, featuring computerized playback of any track, even in random order! The 4000 had a cartridge with an optical scanner and sensor that could differentiate between tracks, with no need to handle the tonearm.


In the 1970s, they knew how to design logos!


Seeing is believing: the ADC Accutrac 4000 even came with a cordless remote. Photos courtesy of Howard Kneller.


Even if this 1980s Philips catalog cover wasn’t dated, there’s no doubt what era it came from – dig those threads, and that boombox, complete with detachable speakers.


Another extremely stylish 1950s transistor radio from the collection of Joe Haupt; this one’s an RCA Victor 9BT9J. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


We can’t get enough of these vintage Philips ads. The date for this one is unknown…1940s? 1950s?


Howard Kneller’s audiophile adventures are documented on YouTube (The Listening Chair with Howard Kneller) and Instagram (@howardkneller). His art and photography can be found on Instagram (@howardkneller). He also posts a bit of everything on Facebook (@howardkneller).

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