Welcome to the lucky thirteenth edition of Copper!

Welcome to the lucky thirteenth edition of Copper!

Written by Bill Leebens

As is probably clear by now, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Our new format is designed to be more readable and more manageable. It will also allow readers to post comments directly after articles...and we’ll see how that goes. Kindly recall that “you suck!” doesn’t contribute to  stimulating, productive discourse...and I will be watching.

We’re pleased to present the first part of an incredible piece by Jason Victor Serinus, Opera 101 for those of us whose exposure to opera has never gotten beyond the thundersheets of the Decca Ring cycle. I shamefacedly admit to being part of that group, which is why we asked Jason to write for us.

Jason’s knowledge of opera is matched by his enthusiasm, and I hope that after you watch and listen to the numerous clips he’s selected, you’ll share some of that enthusiasm.  Opera is a fascinating and often beautiful medium, and doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Something else new in this issue: a contest! Read The Audio Cynic---ALL of it, not just the last paragraph!---and send us your idea of something that is unquestionably, uniquely NEW in audio. The winner will receive a PS Audio LANRover! US MSRP $599. Entries will be judged by Paul McGowan and me, all decisions are final so shut your piehole; if you don’t mention this thing on your tax return it’s on you, not us; operators are NOT waiting on your call; and yadda yadda.

Send your suggestions to Letters.

Below you’ll see a picture  taken during my recent trip to San Francisco, because to me it exemplifies this issue: a bridge from the past to the future. I hope you’ll stay with us as Copper continues to grow and improve!

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