The Winter of Our Disc Content

The Winter of Our Disc Content

Written by Bill Leebens

Welcome to Copper #57!

One last gasp of winter's wrath in Chicago, combined with Anne E. Johnson's mention of misheard lyrics elsewhere in this issue, led me to the title above. I hope that you're somewhere snug and warm, enjoying your discs---or downloads, streaming, or whatever.

The recent Axpona show outside Chicago was an overwhelming success---literally so overwhelming that half a dozen fast-moving reporters might've been to cover it all, but I surely couldn't, by myself. Some of my impressions can be found here; we hope to have additional coverage in Copper #58.

Dan Schwartz's marathon chat with legendary promoter/raconteur Rikki Farr continues here, covering everything from English gangsters to discovering Keith Emerson, to yet another thing Yoko screwed up.

Everyone here is here: Larry Schenbeck focuses upon musical offerings that provide simple, uncategorizable pleasure; Dan Schwartz tells us producer Bill Bottrell's thory of Mix A vs. Mix B; Richard Murison provides a different perspective on  Beethoven; Jay Jay French is back with a new series on his guitar influences, starting with Mike BloomfieldRoy Hall  comes of age with his 21st column--- about  the wrong woman;  Anne E. Johnson brings us the well-crafted and surprisingly-upbeat pop of The Sea and Cake; and I look at things made by hand, and why we obsess over old stuff.

Copper #57 concludes with another desert island take from Charles Rodrigues, and a Twin Lakes Parting Shot from Paul McGowan--- that I may turn into a screensaver.

Woody Woodward and Industry News will both return next issue. Anne will also be back with another Something Old/Something New survey review.

Thanks for reading, and see you next issue!

Cheers, Leebs.

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