Written by Roy Hall

I had been friendly with Roslyn for quite a few years. She was a stunning brunette with large flashing eyes and a figure that only young women are blessed with. Although we had a mutual attraction, we never dated, but saw each other from time to time.  At some point she met and fell in love with David and they planned a wedding.

A week before the nuptials I bumped into Roslyn.  After the usual hellos she told me that she had nothing to do and just planned to walk around town and enjoy the day, which was unusually fine for Scotland. I was working, but as the weather was so nice and she looked so good, I lied and told her that I had nothing urgent on my plate.

“ Would you like to go a drive with me?” I said.

“Love to.”

We drove up into the highlands past Loch Lomond and Drymen to Aberfoyle, then into the Trossachs. Somewhere near Brig o’ Turk, on the road to Callander, we stopped and decided to climb a nearby hill. The heather was blooming, the birds were singing and we were all alone. She turned to me and said,

“Roy, as you know I am soon getting married and I want to lose my virginity before then. I would like you to make love to me.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Here I was, a 22 year-old horny young man hearing the words I had always fantasized about. A beautiful woman wanted to make love to me? My heart almost stopped. I was about to act on her proposal when, from somewhere deep inside me, came this strange feeling. To my great surprise, I discovered that I had a conscience. I was friendly with David and the idea of deceiving him did not sit well. To her dismay, I explained how I felt and even though I was unbelievably flattered, I just couldn’t oblige. This reply killed the moment and we returned home in silence.

At the wedding I danced with her. I asked her if she now felt better about my decision. Her withering look said it all.

I did not see or hear anything about Roslyn for about 20 years. I had moved to America and just lost contact with many of my Scottish friends, but on a return visit I bumped into a cousin of hers.

Roslyn had thrown a surprise 40th birthday party for David. She invited all his friends and loved ones. It was a terrific to-do with a caterer and a band. Everyone was having a great time when Roslyn stopped the music and made an announcement. She thanked everyone for coming and hoped they were all having a good time. Everybody clapped and cheered.

“And now for the real surprise of the evening,” she continued. She then beckoned David’s business partner to join her. He took her hand.

“David, we are leaving you, goodbye!”

And the two of them, hand in hand, left the party and David’s life.

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