Snow Comes; Snow Goes

Snow Comes; Snow Goes

Written by Leebs

Welcome to Copper #70!

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest took place October 5-7, and as is often the case, we had our first snow shortly thereafter. Just a few days later, temps are back up in the 60s F (say 15-ish,C). Aside from a dusting upon higher points around us, the snow's gone. Fourteener Longs Peak (>14,000 feet elevation) in the distance looks like an ice cream sundae, and will likely stay that way until next June. Maybe later.

Oh: Part 1 of my walk around the show appears here, in this issue.

The gang is almost all here---more on that in a bit:  Larry Schenbeck brings us Bach, with some atypical instrumentation;  Dan Schwartz is still recoveringso we’ll revisit his piece on minimalist Nik Bärtsch ; Richard Murison remembers a celebrity encounterJay Jay French explains how artists get short shrift, yet again  Roy Hall recounts close encounters with suicideAnne E. Johnson brings us obscure cuts from Tracy Chapman, and presents a fascinating Something Old/Something New on medieval Spanish chant (really---listen to this stuff); Christian James Hand  deconstructs Beastie Boys' "Sabotage", and it's pretty amazing; and  I continue the series on phono technology, and write about glossolalia. ;->.

Industry News looks at, yes, still more drama from Sears; and we reluctantly wrap up our friend Rich Maez's feature on Monterey Auto Week.

Copper #70 concludes with Charles Rodrigues contemplating a philosophical question, and a Parting Shot from Middle Of Nowhere, Colorado.

I'm happy to announce that---God willin' and the creek don't rise---Woody Woodward will return in Copper #71, and our friend Tom Methans will be bringing us another take on RMAF. We'll also have a few more surprises---but if I told you what to expect, they wouldn't be surprises, now, would they?

Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Leebs.

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