Moving On

Moving On

Written by Bill Leebens

Welcome to Copper #66!

Summer ends, fall begins, change abounds. We at PS Audio are boxing up and beginning the move to our much larger new building---which, fortunately, is right across the street. You won't see any effect on Copper---I don't expect to be down for more than a day. Maybe not even that.

Knock on wood. If you can find any in the increasingly-empty factory.

My feature on the California Audio Show  concludes in this issue. In the next issue or two, I'll tell you about the side-trips I took after the show. I think you'll enjoy the telling.

Larry Schenbeck  starts the issue with an intriguing piece on Mieczysław Weinberg---and in my head I'm pronouncing that first name "Mike"; Dan Schwartz tells us why Aretha Franklin was so important to him; Richard Murison visits surround-sound researcher/rocket scientist Edgar Choueiri at his Princeton lab---and fun and danger ensue; Jay Jay French brings us a very personal tale about his recent run-in with prostate cancer Roy Hall  tells another twisted tale of almost-romance; Anne E. Johnson runs through some obscure cuts from Imogen Heap; Christian James Hand deconstructs "Tom Sawyer" from Rush, and I ask, is there nothing new under the sun?--- and continue looking at the technology of playing records.

Anne E. Johnson returns with a Something Old/Something New look at recent recordings of the works of Giovanni Battista Sammartini, best-known for having coined the term "symphony". Sorta. Anyway, there's some lovely music here.

Industry News looks at the latest developments with Bang & Olufsen, as well as a few companies that are not doing as well.

Copper #66 concludes with Charles Rodrigues looking at the countdown to adulthoodand a Parting Shot from my recent swing through San Francisco.

Woody Woodward is still on sabbatical, and will return in a few issues.

Thanks for reading. See you soon!

Cheers, Leebs.

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