Krell Returns

Written by Bill Leebens

The title of the article is mildly misleading: strictly speaking, Krell never went away. Earlier this year, however, a lot of murmurring in the audio underground indicated that the company was facing difficulties and might be in serious trouble.

This wasn’t the first time there had been drama related to the company: back in 2009, founders Dan and Rondi D’agostino were ousted by investors. Subsequently, Dan went on to form a new company, now thriving. Son Bret went on to found BSC (Bully Sound Company), and sadly passed away in January, 2017.  Rondi regained the company in recent years, and refuted the stories of problems at the company.

Recently, industry veteran Walter Schofield was hired as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Krell. In a recent interview with Ted Green of, Schofield detailed a number of steps being taken to rebuild the company, including new products being launched at RMAF in October.

We hope to hear of more good news as the company’s efforts progress.

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