Issue 86

Issue 86

Written by Maggie McFalls

Welcome to Copper #86!

A week or so ago, here in Boulder we said, "it's May, so winter's over---right?" Then we had snow.

I won't second-guess any more, but I am hopeful. Temps in the 80s would tend to indicate that we're done. REALLY done.

We'll see. ;->

In our regular columns, Dan Schwartz fills us in on bassists he loves (other than Jack Casady!); Richard Murison asks a fundamental, troubling question: "Does Science Have to Make Sense?"Jay Jay French continues his walk-around at MunichRoy Hall runs into yet another beautiful young woman with problems; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts brings us back-catalog works of Howard JonesWoody Woodward writes about one of the most influential guitarists ever---Django Reinhardt; Anne’s Something Old/Something New reviews recent recordings of works by Corelli; and I overthink things in The Audio Cynic, and continue with part 2 of the history of Empire in Vintage Whine.

I'm happy to present an unusual article about unusual variants of the guitar, written by our friend Don Kaplan. I think you'll learn a lot from it---I certainly did.

We continue with excerpts from Michael Stuart Baskin's memoir, 363 Days in Vietnam: A Memoir of Howitzers, Hook-Ups, & Screw-Ups From My Tour of Duty 1968 to 1969; I continue with part 2 of my look at this year's Munich show. Industry News continues (and perhaps concludes) the sad story of Thiel Audio. 

Copper #86 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues in a discount mood, and a Parting Shot from down under by PSer Travis Townes.

I'm happy that our friend Christian James Hand is doing well and is busy doing live sessions all over the country---but sad that he's no longer going to be able to contribute to Copper. Best of luck to you, MC Skullcap!

Cheers, Leebs.

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