Issue 62

Issue 62

Written by Paul McGowan

Welcome to Copper #62!

My daughter Emily believes that men in general are whiners when they're sick---and I'm not exempt from her judgment. What was a sniffle and cough has turned into a protracted bout with sinus infections/bronchial wheeze/what the hell is this?? >hack< >whine<

Yeah. Anyway: pardon me if my focus drifts a bit. Off we go----

Professor Schenbeck  leads off the issue with another mess o' Messiaen; Dan Schwartz knows that his long-serving home audio system is almost, almost there; Richard Murison looks back at his Glaswegian roots (not to be confused with Norwegian Wood); Jay Jay French takes a long strange trip that ends up at Jerry GarciaRoy Hall looks at a string of near-misses; Anne E. Johnson looks at Queen after the '70s;  Christian James Hand picks apart the mega-hit "Go Your Own Way", piece by piece; and I look at a vintage audio dealer, and at clock radios. No, really.

Anne is back with  Something Old/Something New, reviewing recordings of C.P.E. Bach sonatas; and Industry News looks at  the sad fate of Geoffrey the Giraffe.               .

In our features, Larry Schenbeck takes a look at Edward Lear (and that damn Messiaen keeps popping up); and reader Tom Methans contributes a reminiscence of his first audio system.

Copper #62 concludes with Charles Rodrigues looking at the reality of speakers, and an extraordinary Parting Shot from reader Joseph Grogan.

Woody Woodward is still on sabbatical, and will return in a few issues.

Thanks for reading, and see you next issue!

Cheers, Leebs.

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