Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Written by Bill Leebens

Welcome to Copper #53!

Our very first issue appeared on March 7, 2016. It's hard to believe that we've been at this for two years now; we've come a long way since then, in terms of content, layout, and circulation. We've got big plans for the future, and hope you stick with us in the months (and years!) to come.

John Seetoo continues our look at the history of pioneering label Audio Fidelity. In this issue, John interviews Bobby Pulhemus, who recorded on AF as "Bobby Palomino", lead guitarist of the Beatles-esque NY group, The Teemates. I think you'll find the story of  The Teemates  interesting--- and sad. In our other featured article, Gautam Raja brings us his thoughts on what it means to be a true non-believer.

Professor Schenbeck  leads off the issue with the terrifying words, "Choose your parents carefully"---and goes on to tell us about musical daughters.   Dan Schwartz tells us about playing in the Buffalo Springfield tribute concert with the Wild Honey Orchestra; Richard Murison goes off the rails---on cross-country skis;  Jay Jay French remembers forty years of speakersRoy Hall goes out to the middle of nowhere, for real; Anne E. Johnson tells us about the indie group Piano Club, which rarely uses a piano (?!?) Woody Woodward just gets started on the subject of rockabilly---and go, cat, go Industry News brings news of changes at Sony, and the soap opera that is---you guessed it; and write about fun, and oxymorons. Anne will be back next issue with another Something Old/Something New survey review.

Copper #53 wraps up with another classic audio cartoon from Charles Rodrigues, and a Parting Shot from Vasilis Lakakis. It may be a little fuzzy, but I found it amusing--- I hope you do, too.

I'd like to thank all our readers for supporting us for two years, and to thank all our contributors, without whom we'd have nothing to share. A special tip of the Leebens Lid to those relentlessly-faithful writers who have been in all 53 issues: Dan Schwartz and Richard Murison. Duncan Taylor was in all 52 issues preceding this one; Dunc has left to pursue other interests. I thank him for all his contributions, and wish him all the best.

Enjoy our Anniversary Edition, and we'll see you next issue!

Cheers, Leebs

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