From -6 to 86 and Back Again

From -6 to 86 and Back Again

Written by Bill Leebens

Welcome to Copper #79!

This issue features my walkaround of the first-ever Florida Audio Expo . The turn-out was impressive, and both attendees and exhibitors were happy. I left Denver airport at -6 and frozen fuel lines (?!?) and was able to spend several days in absolutely perfect weather, along with many other refugees from the polar vortex. That certainly  didn't hurt the reception received by the show.

This show is going to work.

Prof. Larry Schenbeck looks at Purcell's King ArthurDan Schwartz  looks back at his association with Rosanne Cash Richard Murison opens a can of worms on the subject of audiophile science Jay Jay French asks, what do you hate?Roy Hall has more adventures in Hong KongAnne E. Johnson looks at the ups and downs of the Red Hot Chili Peppers; Christian James Hand deconstructs the Journey classic, "Any Way You Want It"; and I take a cynical look at the Grammy Awards, and try to decipher the oxymoronic world of New Old Stock. Woody Woodward will be back soon with a look at the music and career of John Prine.

The Copper Interview features John Seetoo chatting with influential musician and producer June Millington.

Copper #79 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues asking what's in a name?--- and a beautiful Parting Shot by Rich Isaacs. 

Enjoy, and we’ll be back soon with our 3rd Anniversary issue!

Cheers, Leebs.

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