Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Written by Frank Doris



In 1991 The Absolute Sound decided to do its first Guide to High-End Audio Components. I was on staff and it was my first experience working on a buyer's guide-type publication. Let me tell you, they take a lot of work.



Here's the back cover featuring the mighty Carver Silver Seven vacuum-tube monoblocks ($17,500 per pair), at one time TAS editor Harry Pearson's reference.



This Audio Research ad from the publication featured the company's first-ever DAC, the aptly-named $2,995 DAC1.

Here's another ad, for Atma-Sphere Music Systems. I have fond memories of listening to the MA-1, which is still in production today.



Who needs an iPhone when you have a rig like this? Popular Mechanics, June 1956.

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