Bache Audio’s Elegant Sonata EX2 Speakers

Bache Audio’s Elegant Sonata EX2 Speakers

Written by Howard Kneller

Greg Belman of Brooklyn, New York’s Bache Audio recently dropped off a pair of his rear-ported Sonata EX2 speakers ($2,780 per pair). Rated at 91 dB sensitivity, this speaker features a 3-inch bamboo cone driver with no crossover, 5.25-inch composite cone woofer, 1-inch super tweeter, and 1-inch air motion transformer (AMT) tweeter. Each speaker weighs 27 pounds. Two removable magnetically-attached grilles are included, and a number of standard or custom finishes are available.

The EX2 exhibited a punchy and cohesive sound and made gorgeous-sounding music. Yes, there might be more linear speakers out there, but most of those I’ve heard don’t have the EX2’s heavenly midrange.

I enjoyed listening to and photographing them.


The Sonata EX offers a unique driver complement.


The EX2’s rear panel is as understated as its front.


The Sonata EX2 is a crossoverless design.


Proudly made in Brooklyn, New York.


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