A Safe Bet

A Safe Bet

Written by Frank Doris

A Dynaco SCA-35 vacuum tube integrated amplifier, a budget audiophile classic. It was introduced in 1963 and was rated at 35 watts per channel. It even had a "Spare" input and a center-channel speaker output!

Rear panel of the SCA-35, in case you were skeptical about that center-channel speaker output. From The Audio Classics Collection, photos by Howard Kneller.

I owned one of these 1950s Heathkit EA-3 integrated amplifiers. I'm sure I paid less than $5 for it in a garage sale. I should never have sold it. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Joe Haupt.

Now that's what we call a holiday gift! 1930s RCA Victor ad.

If you wanted a good radio, this must have been a safe choice in 1956, says this Philips ad.

Howard Kneller’s audiophile adventures are documented on YouTube (The Listening Chair with Howard Kneller) and Instagram (@howardkneller). His art and photography can be found on Instagram (@howardkneller). He also posts a bit of everything on Facebook (@howardkneller).
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