How to setup JRiver 19 for DSD playback

May 4, 2014
 by Paul McGowan

Setup PS Audio PerfectWave DSD DAC in JRiver version 19 with a USB connection to your computer (instructions for network streaming at the end of this page):

Download and launch JRiver version 19.  Connect the PerfectWave DSD DAC to your Windows computer using a USB cable.

Now to configure JRiver to play to the PerfectWave DSD DAC, From the top menu bar select Tools>Options, bringing up this menu:


Under  Audio Device select ‘PS Audio PerfectWave DSD [WASAPI]’


Under Bitstreaming, select DSD:


Then under DSP & output format click on output format on the left side of the screen and verify that all bit rates show ‘no change’:


Press OK on the options screen.

To stream over the network

If you have a UPnP based network device, such as the PS Audio Bridge and wish to use this same setup for network access, do the following:

Go to the options control panel.  Select Media Network on the left.  On the right press “… and or configure DLNA servers …”

Select your PS Audio DAC in the top box.

Expand “Advanced” if it isn’t already by clicking on it.  The top option is “Bitsream DSD (requires DoPE compliant renderer)” (the DS is “DoPE” )

5 comments on “How to setup JRiver 19 for DSD playback”

  1. How do I connect a Mac directly to the bridge via ethernet and play HiRez music files? I’ve tried giving the bridge a static IP, but when I reboot the DS the IP is not “sticking” it reverts to
    I’ve tried crossed and straight network cables, just can’t get the DS to output anything when the selected input source is the bridge.

  2. Does this work on a Mac? I am trying with a MacBook via USB and am getting static while playing a dsf file via Jriver. PCM files play fine. Followed this config. Am I missing a step?

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