They're here......

November 9, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the partsdemic: the crazy times we all seem to be accepting as "normal", there is sometimes a light of success shining through.

Yesterday afternoon we shipped the first lot of DirectStream MKII DACs to anxious beta testers.

What a journey it has been. If memory serves correctly, designer Ted Smith performed 8 revisions of the MK2 board to accommodate the changing parts and packages.

As those keeping up with the changes know, at the last moment we found yet another problem. All hands on deck! The problem's been resolved and the solution gave us an even better design.

But now they are shipping. And, let me tell you, this DAC is nothing short of extraordinary: quieter (the audio emerges from the black of the deepest velvet), faster, with separation of instruments unlike anything I have ever heard before.

A triumph of years of research and development.

For those beta testers awaiting theirs, the spigot's been turned on. A trickle today, opening more tomorrow, and the flow at full blast by week's end.

We can't wait for you to get your hands on this beauty.

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27 comments on “They're here......”

  1. I don't suppose that you'll be sending any to Australia?
    'Beta' is my middle name 😀

    If not, I can't wait for the reviews.
    'Product of the Year' 2023??

      1. Yes and no. The TS Signature DAC is still in the works. Some of what Ted learned from the building of that went into the MK2, that's for sure. However, as Paul points out, the TS Signature is definitely a two-chassis design. Analog and digital are in separate boxes connected via fiber optics.

      1. Paul thank you. I have now looked at the pics. In spite of knowing better, I was really really really hoping for three HDMI inputs, i.e, player, streamer and phono all from PS audio

  2. Congrats on the release and beta shipments.

    Just to nit pick for a little twist 😉 ….. anything wrong with this statement?

    “After processing, all input data is converted to double rate DSD (5.6MHz) and outputted”

    1. It was a Freudian slip. Someone added "Ted" to the end of a word where it was not needed. They must have Ted burned on their brain. I wonder why.

      p.s. Well done, Ted.

      p.p.s. It could be simplified to "1xDSD is inputted, doublified and outputted". All sorted. Ted.

            1. I don't think them over there know what Richtea is, and that your purpose in life is to be briefly dunked until soft and eaten between meals. I'll tell Alexa to put the machine on ... done.

              1. When bored in the office we used to play a game where you had to dunk a biscuit, we used malted milk, for as long as you dare without it dissolving in the tea and still able to reach your mouth intact.
                Oh boy, did we know how to have fun in our younger days. 😉
                I don’t remember what the record time was but have an abiding image of one collapsing just as it reached its target…messy.

                1. That's the difference between Rich Tea and Digestive. You can't dunk a Digestive and it would be a terrible waste if you failed the dunk test.

                  My recollection was meeting Esme the Tea Lady on 1 September 1984, you placed your order, she never forgot (there were 400 of us in the building) and you couldn't change it. Where have all the tea ladies gone? Trolley heaven?

        1. Wrong again !!! The bit north of London is called Norf Lundun, and the bit south of the river is called Sarf Lundun. We try not to go there. More Hob Nobs than Rich Tea.

  3. Well I very much look forward to hearing about the comments of the DAC. Been an adventure getting it built to PS Audio standards.

    Post your feelings friends. ✌️

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