Robot discrimination

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Robot discrimination
We are all familiar with websites (like our own) requiring us to prove we are human. Sometimes it's a simple checkbox certifying your humanness. Other times it's a challenge to see if you can pick out certain features from an image. All to prove you are not a robot. Robots are not welcome here. If I were to step back from the day-to-day immersion of being here now and mentally put myself 10 years back in time, I would be dumbfounded to see us discriminating against robots. Author Isaac Asimov would smile, as would every other science fiction writer predicting the rise of the machine. Back to the present day. We all understand that "robot" isn't really an anthropomorphic creature sitting at a keyboard. In this case, it's an unwanted computer program searching for a way into our website with the intent of causing us economic harm or simply wreaking havoc for the fun of it. But what happens in another decade when very human-like creatures with good intentions wish to join the party? We haven't yet figured out how not to discriminate against our fellow humans. Are we facing yet another challenge? Easy to say robots don't have feelings.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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