September 10, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Today was going to be the start of the UK HiFi Show and Terri, Scott, Travis, and I are here in London in all our finery…..

….but then the sad news of the death of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Our condolences to her family.

We were going to be playing the new aspen FR30 speakers, a pair of BHK600 monoblocks, and we have an almost working DirectStream MK2 DAC to fondle (I wish it were ready to listen to).

The show has been canceled. Sorry. It’s a tough situation for us all.

Hopefully, it will be rescheduled and we will try once again.

*Quick update on the DirectStream MK2. It’s finished and will be making its appearance shortly. The prototype sounds amazing. The beta units are getting tantalizingly close to launch. Stay tuned.

I suppose it’s off the the pub.

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16 comments on “Sadly….”

  1. Paul, you also have time now to visit Mike O’Neill in Royal Ascot &
    have a nice glass of Red, or 4, while the six of you commiserate 🙂

    Meanwhile, I’m watching two HUGE games of finals Rugby League
    football whilst stuffing my face with home cooked Cantonese food.
    I don’t think that life gets any better 😉

    1. Concur fully with FR’s recommendation. Pubs in the UK, are community meetings places, not just purveyors of fine alcoholic beverages. There’s no better way to understand the English then to engage in conversation with locals in a pub. And thanks to immigration by ex colonies and other ex EU countries, the quality of the food served has improved dramatically over the past few decades.

      But you may wish to make your way a distance out of London, to truly meet locals. Otherwise, you’ll just be meeting other tourists. Which is no necessarily bad, but not nearly as good.

      Now tell those Boulder blokes to finish fetteling with the new DS DAC. We’re all anxiously waiting to be gob smacked.

  2. My condolences to Queen Elizabeth’s family and all who felt a connection to her.

    Regarding the show…
    It’s a shame it was cancelled, but understandably so. Hopefully it will be rescheduled soon. That of course doesn’t take away the disappointment you all must feel.

    On to the new DAC …. There may have been a clue while looking over this months Stereophile (last week?) and noticing the current DSDAC had been dropped from the recommended list and a note saying “discontinued.”

    I’m sure you’ll look mighty dapper in the pub dressed in your best zoot suit. ✌️ 😀

    So chin up and mugs raised… carry on and enjoy the best you can

  3. Enjoyed the ascension and proclamation ceremonies sitting in traffic waiting to go through the Gotthard tunnel. Still dinner cooked cooked by Jean Yves Schillinger. A lot of fun.

  4. Rest in Peace Ma’am, You have more than done your duty.

    It is the end of an era.

    God save the King!

    Sorry about the show but am sure once rescheduled you will blow many minds away…i wish i could make it but you and PS Audio have changed, and continue to change, my hifi experience – thank you.

  5. Paul you could always pop down to Kingston upon Thames (not far from ascot & in London) & visit nipper alley which is Nipper the HMV dogs final resting place ( not much to see though) & maybe onto Hampton Court palace just down the road.
    Hope to see you & the new amps ,dsd soon.

  6. It is so sad about Queen Elizabeth. My sympathies and condolences go out to her family and all who knew her.

    Paul, Sorry about the show being canceled, I hope they reschedule.

    On a brighter note, who do I talk to to get on the beta tester list for the MkII DAC. I was a beta tester for the PST and would love to be one for the MkII DAC.

  7. Very sad here in the UK and so disappointed that the show has been cancelled. I was hoping to meet Paul and the team and listen to the new PS Audio speakers etc.

    Anyway Paul I hope you are able to make the best of it while you’re here in the UK. After a few pints of Youngs Special things normally seem better.

    On a brighter note I took your advice to spend a Saturday do some adjustments (after buying 5 AC5 power leads). I ended up moving my listening seat back, speakers further from the wall and closer together. Wife thinks I’m barking mad but it sounds better!

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