Memories and feelings

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Last night at dinner, Terri put on a copy of Cold Play’s A Rush Of Blood To The Head album. Instantly, I was immersed in not a rush of blood to the head, but a rush of memories and feelings of the night they played live at Red Rocks in Colorado.

It wasn’t like a detached memory one gets when reminded of a story or an incident. Instead, I was instantly transported back to the actual event: the cold rain that came near the end, the ripple of excitement through the crowd, the intensity of Chris Martin banging on the piano, the wonder, and joy I felt—not the memory of it but the actual feelings. As if I relived it.

I cannot think of any external stimulus other than music that has the power to teleport us back to an event or a moment in time.

A live performance is a once-in-a-lifetime event. If we’re lucky enough to have been a part of the performance, as an engaged audience often is, then it doesn’t take much to bring back a flood of memories and feelings.

Music is a truly magical means of connection and communication.

Thankfully, my readers get it. You’re a special bunch.

Thanks for honoring the music.