Bamboo socks

September 8, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

One of the more consistent product pitches I receive in my SPAM box is for bamboo socks.

Let’s ignore for the moment the fact I haven’t a clue what a bamboo sock might be.

The bigger question for me is what these people are thinking and why they are sending it to me.

On the one hand, I guess they are banking on the fact everyone wears socks. Secondly, I imagine they hope the oddity of two disparate words—bamboo and sock—would be enough to get me to click on the email.

It does seem a bit of a stretch to assume I am interested in socks.

But, enough with the socks.

You, my dear reader, might be wondering why the heck am I bringing this to your attention at all.

I suppose the answer involves the way we communicate with our community.

PS Audio has always been a very vocal and communicative company. We do our best to engage with you by sharing what’s interesting or grabbing our attention at the moment.

That may or may not resonate with what you are currently interested in and that is ok.

We spend our time sharing with you what’s on our minds and what’s important to us.

And when you reply back or engage with the community through our comments section or via personal email, it makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

It makes what we do worthwhile.

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41 comments on “Bamboo socks”

  1. Paul has obviously been living under a rock as far as clothing is concerned. We’ve received samples of bamboo clothing from a UK company that’s been in the bamboo game for almost 20 years. The biggest water-borne pollutant are man-made fibres from washing machines. We should all be wearing bamboo clothing, made from natural bamboo fibres.

    Meanwhile, I just renewed my annual electricity contract yesterday. Off-peak (from 12:30am to 4:30am, mainly used to charge the car and run washing machines) has increased 50% from about 6c/kwh to 9c/kwh. However, the peak rate has gone up 280% from 17c/kwh to 48c/kwh. My gas is on variable rate – I don’t dare look.

    This will be disastrous for theatres, concert halls and other large cavernous places, and of course restaurants and coffee shops that often trade on very small profits. My wife is predicting rioting in the streets, which is not very British (more Keep Calm and Carry On). This will of course also make the cost of running a super-powerful hifi that has to be left on permanently both extremely expensive and socially irresponsible. Perhaps we should all now be thinking of bamboo hifi.

    1. Wouldn’t it be most reasonable now to significantly reduce the consumption of energy in order to keep the costs and the market-price low? And isn’t a small minority living in most luxury filter bubbles responsible for the biggest portion of energy consumption. But being that rich this minority will have no motivation to abstain from the luxury living! And even the politicians are still traveling around the world and rarely are role models for reducing CO2 foot-print.

      1. I sold the private jet. I’ve only spent 10 hours airborne in the last 3 years, a trip to see my son. Last year we also dug up 100sqm of the ground floor and insulated it properly, and installed a split zone heating system, and much improved insulation elsewhere. The timing couldn’t have been better. Plus most of my listening is on 4 x Zuma speaker lights that consume 8w each.

        Of course the American rich are shamelessly killing the planet, operating 75% of all the world’s private jets. But then they’ve largely bought up the government. Here we prefer incompetent to corrupt.

    2. Currently it’s AU25c/kWh plus AU80c/day (Daily Supply Charge) for me & that’s a very low rate that will probably double on December 8 when my current contract with ‘Energy Australia’ ends.
      My last quarterly bill (April-June) was AU$324 for 1,200 kWh & the next one, due at the end of September, will be around AU$350.
      I forgo home air conditioning & no motor vehicle so that I don’t feel guilty about running a class A/B amp for twenty hours/week that has a maximum power draw of 2,000 watts.

    3. God rest the Queen.

      Just got the breaking news on CBSN. Sincerest condolences to you and your fellow citizens from your counter-namesake, near the center of the contiguous 48 states across the Pond. Peace.

  2. I’ve been wearing bamboo socks for some time. What got me to buy them was the fact that they take much less from the earth than other threads cotton/wool. Of course most socks are made from plastics

  3. The only bamboo that I am currently using are two IKEA – ‘Aptitlig’ chopping boards that my SACD player & integrated amplifier sit on top of…with IsoAcoustics – ‘ISO-Puck’ isolation devices in between.

    I’m all for bamboo socks, underwear & bamboo anything…as long as they are not made in China as I hate the fact that China is now supporting Russia in it’s murderous invasion of Ukraine & that I could be helping to fund said murderous invasion & therefore be complicit in the killing of children.
    Often we have to look at the bigger picture.

    By the way Paul, how are you enjoying the English weather as you prepare for the UK Hi-Fi Show at Ascot Raceway this weekend?
    Don’t miss out on your chance to hang out at the ‘Royal Ascot Mike’ Estate for an evening.
    The grounds are spectacular & the pizza oven is superbly built.
    Oh, & you must visit the music room in the East wing…Mike will give you a map to guide you there 😉

    And just because…

    1. It will be raining on and off most of today, started early this morning, for the simple reason that the 3rd and deciding England v South Africa Test starts this morning.

    2. Martin……..shall we say just a slight exaggeration on your part!……..and yep no rain in the South East of England for at least 9 weeks and now the heavens have opened……welcome to Blighty, Paul and Co.

      hope to meet you on Sunday Paul when the weather is due to improve.

      Baldy Bloke.

  4. Bamboo likes a lot of water; mind you so does cotton.
    By the looks of the Colorado River, & the water level in Lake Meade, things are getting desperate there.
    It’s time that America starts building a whole lotta nuclear powered desal plants…& I mean FAST!!

    Meanwhile many towns on the central coast of Australia are looking at another ‘La Nina’ this summer, third one in a row, which means more people will be flooded out of their homes & towns again.

  5. Paul,

    communications can be a two way endeavor. Unlike bamboo socks e-mails.

    We should be thanking you for providing the opportunity to opine, agree, disagree, be philosophical, & communicate on a daily basis. Not many organizations do that.

    If respondents, readers, and audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) are community, then that makes you a community leader…. Or at the very least a community activist, who may have a cult like following…. ✌️ 😉 😎

  6. Coincidence’s, don’t you just love them. Only yesterday an email arrived from H J Socks regarding their bamboo variants. However this was no doubt instigated by the fact that I have just bought some socks from them, not btw bamboo. What prompted my sudden interest in socks? Well, I read an article online where readers of a newspaper, The Guardian I think, we’re invited to name and explain their favourite socks. Fascinating stuff and I always value real world opinion. I learned that some socks cost £30 a pair, some have a lifetime guarantee, tested and honoured, not that I’d want to wear the same style of sock for the rest of my life, a couple of recommended brands were Australian, and bamboo wasn’t generally favoured due to poor wear characteristics. Another U.K. brand to get a positive mention was Wolsey. I can certainly recommend HJ though. There was a small problem with one of the pairs I ordered which they replaced with absolutely no quibble and at no cost to myself. One quick phone call was all it took, just like the old days.

    I can’t remember where I’m going with this, certainly struggling to find an audio connection but never imagined I’d be sharing my sock stories here. Apparently you can tell a lot about a man from the type of socks he wears, but will struggle if he isn’t wearing any. Wasn’t it ‘The Fonz’ who used to say “put a sock in it Richie” or am I confusing that with “sit on it”. Aaayyy. Then there’s the secret world of sock communication, the one on the dormitory door handle. 😉

  7. Bought my stand monitors, partly because they are Eco friendly Bamboo Cabinets. Very solid, no resonance and house well designed and implemented transducers!

  8. It’s easy enough to fix the fibers in the river problem. Don’t wear socks. And while you’re at it, help control excess resource consumption by getting a nice pair of Naot sandals, not those hippie dippie Birkenstocks. I got my Naots in 2010 when I visited Israel on business. I wear them most days of the year. They are still going strong and you can get new footbeds for them when needed. Just remember they were made for combat in the desert and you must break in your feet, not the other way around.

  9. A discussion on bamboo vs MDF/HDF for speaker cabinets seems in order. MDF is potentially problematic over time with speaker driver coupling due the limited torque on bolts that can be applied They can get loose and torquing down the bolts to many times can be risky.
    Ikea will probably come out with a bamboo sock called Feetagoogan.

  10. There’s nothing special about bamboo clothing of any type. What you’re talking about is cellulose of bamboo fibers which have been chemically converted into rayon which is a “semi synthetic fiber.” Therefore, regardless of whether the source is bamboo, pine trees, or cotton seed the result is simply regenerated cellulose. No special characteristic of the bamboo plant survives this transformation. Here’s how Wikipedia explains it:

    “Modern clothing labeled as being made from bamboo is usually viscose rayon, a fiber made by dissolving the cellulose in the bamboo, and then extruding it to form fibres. This process removes the natural characteristics of bamboo fibre, rendering it identical to rayon from other cellulose sources.”

  11. Hi Paul,
    In my experience, bamboo textiles are desirable more for their sustainability than their durability. They haven’t held their shape so well over time. Not recommended for speaker cones…

  12. Not on topic, but I think we’ll all understand, it’s a sad day hearing about our Queens passing. Not unexpected but when it happened I was unreasonably upset. Royalist or not, a momentous day. In time, everthing passes.
    It seems a real 1st world problem to mention that the Ascot show, Paul was attending has been postponed. Unexpected events just change things.
    Long live the King.

  13. I am 69. Queen Elizabeth has reigned all of my life. There never was a time when her stabilizing influence was not about. The Queen’s long life lasted for almost 40% of America’s history. My deepest sympathy to the British nation and Commonwealth. I am very sad, very sad.
    – Jeffrey in Philadelphia

  14. Bamboo provides natural fibers, let’s believe ecological. Linen fibre (lat.: Linum usitatissimum L.) was traditionally used in our regions. The linen was pressed with commercial cotton. Because linen sheets had the unpleasant property of lasting you a lifetime. A complete disaster for a trader!
    And that brings me back to HiFi – isn’t there some unwanted technology too good to give to customers?

      1. Like solar technology in the 1970’s that was bought up by major oil companies & then shelved while we kept burning fossil fuels unnecessarily & the oil companies could
        rake in trillions in profits over the following fifty years, all at the future expense of
        your children & grandchildren.
        “Greed is good” – Gordon Gecko

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