Adjusting prices

March 8, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Seems everywhere you look these days prices are on the rise.

Gas is approaching $4 a gallon and closer to home, the cost of producing SACDs has gone up.

Our latest Octave release, Hothouse Flower (what great music!), had its price raised from $29 to $39 to help defray those rising prices. We received a lot of mail when we did this.

Plenty of unhappy faces.

Our team has talked this through and felt we shouldn’t be adding to the problem of inflation.

Going forward, we’re going to absorb the cost differences of $10 and return pricing to its original $29.

For the hundreds of Octave fans that invested the extra $10, we’re happy to issue you a refund. Just drop me or Aaron a note with a copy of your sales order and we’ll take care of it for you.

Sorry for the back and forth changes.

And thank you for your amazing support.

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41 comments on “Adjusting prices”

  1. Take a look at how these three stooges treat a Steinway piano at around time stamp 2:40

    & then listen to what the head stooge has to say at around 4:03…is it just my bad
    hearing or does he actually say, “to eliminate some of that extra horizontal pressure”,
    after they just put all of that (weight of the piano) ‘very close to horizontal pressure’
    on one leg & the pedal-frame of this beautiful Steinway as they levered it upright?

    Holy Toledo, Jesus H… & WTF! 😮

    1. Certainly made me skip a heartbeat, not how I’ve seen expensive pianos moved…
      … yes, that’s what I heard too. Seemed like the leg may have been weakened, hence the caution of “help lift the leg before moving”… as for the pedal-frame :-&

      1. Surely you don’t have to be familiar with how a grand piano is moved to apply a little common sense & some basic physics…just sayin’ 😉

    2. Man, now we’re all experts at moving pianos! 🙂

      These guys do this all day and are very good at it. I am certainly no expert but after numerous people brought up the infamous “crack” we went and looked closely and there’s definitely no damage. I believe it was nothing more than an artifact of the process. That Steinway B is pretty famous and the only one in Colorado like it. It was originally owned and cared for by the Wangs (of Wang computer fame). My eldest son, Lon, bought it from them when they retired. The piano tuner they used said it as one of the finest he had ever had the pleasure of working on. Though it cost us an arm and a leg, it’s a real prized addition to the studio.

    1. Hi Neph,
      Amir is an idiot.
      In my 45 years of being involved in some form of home-audio, I’ve
      never had cause to run my hand/fingers along the bottom of an
      amplifier…especially when I know that there could be the sharp
      ends of screws sticking out or open metal vents with sharp edges.
      He (Amir) is definitely one floating space-cadet.
      Just as well that he is unbiased too 😀 🙂 😉

      Btw, ‘PS Audio’ have their Powerplants (P-12, P-15 & P-20) on
      sale from time too time; you just gotta catch the sales at the
      right time; I mean, everybody likes a challenge…don’t they?

  2. Having worked with or connected to American companies for 40+ years, only very briefly worked over there, it took me a while to realise – in general – USA product and service costs are at least half that in the UK and comparative jobs pay at least double. Probably why out of a dozen UK folk I’ve worked with there’s only me and one other that didn’t emigrate…
    … not a complaint, that’s just the way it is – had more than one offer to work/live over there, so I had a choice.

    Oh well, at least I get any medication free in retirement and never had to pay for amazing, fallen to now reasonable, healthcare…
    … as for audio products, I live in hope I might be able to afford high end PS Audio. I have a few of their SACDs but will stick to DSD downloads, as when shipped to the UK we get hit with taxes and extra ‘admin fees’ as tax wasn’t prepaid in the USA.

  3. Thanks for the price hold.

    Wow, what would have been a 34+% price increase for the physical media.

    Would it make sense on the next release to increase the SACD price if needed, but hold the download price?

  4. Inflation is real, so I think some price increase is warranted. Maybe a $3 increase (10% more or less) would be fair. I am guessing that most people that value and purchase SACDs can afford them. I know I’ve certainly paid more for those that are hard to find…

    1. And yet, there are some who want to hear some of Octave Records offerings who would only be able to play the CD layer. By the way, the Don Grusin disc is great, even through a Cambridge audio CD transport. Not an easy call for the company. But, I applaud Paul for “hearing” his customers’ concerns.

  5. Cheap cookies up 80%, gas 100%, some speakers I sell up 70%, AV receivers 10% ish, bacon $14 in CA??? I wonder if prices will ever come back down if and when fuel goes back down. Thanks Brandon.

  6. Paul,

    I appreciate the move to lower the price, but I disagree with it. Why should PS Audio take a hit on the hundreds or, hopefully, thousands of copies that are produced and sold? It is a great customer relations move and a poor business decision. Would any of your customers not have their customers pay higher prices if their costs increase? I doubt it. We, lovers of great music and great recordings, should bite the bullet, just as we do at the gas pumps. If an artist gets better compensation because you kept my $10, that is as it should be. If we can afford to be audiophiles, we should not begrudge you a needed price increase.

  7. Paul,

    I appreciate the refund and sent my receipt/info to Aaron. But do console your business team with the knowledge they will be getting some of it back when the new DAC/AirLens appear!

    Waiting as patiently as possible,


  8. Paul you are a good man. How about adding the ten bucks back in and give a portion to help Ukraine refugees? Russia is waging siege warfare and will be trying to starve humans into submission.

  9. Paul, well done. But if your new stream/player that you told me in the restaurant of the AXPONA hotel about four years ago would be on the market by the end of THAT year, or there would be great pain inflicted, was available, the need for physical media would be much less and you could have been a hero in containing inflation. ( ; ))

  10. I wonder what is going to happen to the “new production” vacuum tube market, since most come from Russia. Thanking my luck stars I have enough USA made original Tung Sol 6550s, GE 6550As, and a large stock of NOS preamp tubes to get me and my BHK Pre and Bob Carver amps into the next century. Quality vacuum tubes may be the new “currency” when the financial system crashes. You may be able to get a new car for a couple of Telefunkens, Tungsrams, RCA clear tops, Bugle Boys, or Mullards. Probably won’t be able to find any gas or electricity to supply the car (or your audio rig), however.

  11. Paul, I had a very strange dream only to wake up to this post. In the dream I ordered a vinyl record, but since I live in Greeley, I ask if I can just drive over to PS Audio to pick up the record. (I’ll use any excuse to visit your company) but sadly I couldn’t pick it up. Instead the record would be delivered by someone from PS Audio who happened to be driving to Greeley that day. Two hours later Paul appears at my door with a record in hand. Perhaps the dream is a sign that I need to order vinyl from PS Audio?

  12. As a recording artist with a new double vinyl release I was told that the list price is $56.99


    The store price is $54.99

    Why, I asked the record label?

    1. Records pressed out of the country because there are not enough plants in the US and shipping back to US adds $8 per unit

    2. Cost of vinyl has skyrocketed since Covid pandemic

    3. A paper shortage for covers due to supply chain issues

    Paul, I get it. It’s incredible that you decided to hold prices due to all the Covid induced issues and current international turmoil
    Do what you have to do to keep the business rolling as you supply us all with great music.

  13. You are a class act Paul! Goodwill is never a bad business decision,particularly when the opportunity arises for some to use inflation as a universal OK to jack prices regardless of it real effect on their business.
    I have no doubt that your cost have increased considerably and not to pass those cost on to the ultimate consumer I hope will pay off down the road for your company.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but the book in search of excellence found three common demonstrators for successful businesses . They took care of their employees , the consumer and the community. Good for you!

  14. Paul, I was happy to pay the extra $10 for a great SACD, and hopefully do my bit for up and coming musicians, and help Sony Austria stay alive.
    However, if it would be possible for PS Audio to collect our money and donate it to a great cause—a Ukrainian relief fund, for instance, I would be happy to do the paperwork on my side.
    I’ll enjoy my music either way!

  15. Thank you, Paul! That is truly a wonderful gesture and why I have an all-PS Audio system (electronics, no speakers … yet). I have been holding off on that SACD, more because I don’t need to spend any more money, but now I feel compelled to buy it. Speaking of gas going up, I’m planning a visit to my sister in Arizona, I’d rather not fly so my wife and I are driving and now I’ve got the hee-bee-gee-bees about the cost of gas. As a side note to that, I will be driving through Denver on the way … hint hint.

  16. A 33% increase is much more than what the current inflation rate is. Why a 33% increase and not just a passthru increase at the rate of inflation? IMO, the price decrease is in relation to feeling guilty of how their presidential candidate is handling all these world affairs. Many many people I know have decided to not buy from companies that supports this WH idealogies which has caused all of this inflation, gas prices, war on Ukraine, and the border crisis, (same for coke, delta, apple, Nordstrom, a long list). All of my gear is from PS Audio as well as Apple and others (love all of this gear, top of the line stuff). Right now I could use a P12 or P15 and even with their big sale going on right now for the p15, I will be waiting to see how all of this mess gets fixed before making any move.

  17. It is a great decision for you that you are trying to fix the price of everything because I am an audio geek and I love when everything is sounding as amazing as in real life and for some of my collection I even used a website like this because I really wanted to listen to the song in a really high quality, so I needed to have decent amount of money in my pockets to be able to do that.

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