The first delivery of the FR30

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The first delivery of the FR30
This past week found senior loudspeaker designer, Chris Brunhaver, and me dealing with all the fun present day air travel has to offer as we two masked men winged our way across the United States installing the first of the Aspen FR30 loudspeakers. Stop number one was in Chicago where we met lucky owner, Greg, aka. Straightwire (on the PS Audio forums). Greg lives outside the city in one of Chicago's many suburbs. This was going to be our first challenge. How do the FR30s work in a smaller room? Greg's room measured 10' x 14' with the back of the room open into another area of his basement. Tight to be sure, but because the FR30s are so easily adaptable to just about any room type, we were pretty confident it would be fine. The proof would be in the listening. If you're curious as to how it all worked out and wish to watch the setup process, we put together a 30-or-so'ish-minute video documentary. You can watch the video here. Later that evening, Chris and I boarded another plane for a second setup at a reviewer's home. No cameras or details permitted. :) Then, it was on to Missouri for installation number three. I'll detail that and post a second video tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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