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I love playing with audio cables as much as the next person. But in my heart of hearts, I'd rather not deal with them. They're unsightly, always impact sound quality, and they're expensive. Audio cables are necessary. Or are they? We certainly know how to transfer digital audio data wirelessly without damage. Analog, not so much. And the limitations described by physics don't easily permit power to be transferred without physical conductors (despite what the Bedinis might have wanted us to believe). The alternative to the impossible task of transferring power and analog over the air is powered, wireless speakers. I don't mean the sort we're used to with their compromises. It is entirely feasible to build zero-compromise wireless home audio speakers. Even the mighty IRS V in Music Room One could be built with wireless connectivity and likely benefit from the elimination of wires. It's a tempting alternative to consider, though no one has stepped up to the plate and made it real. And no, this is not a precursor to a secret project we're working on. Just daydreaming.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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