What makes you happy?

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What makes you happy?
What elements of your system make you happy? The sheer pleasure of listening to music or the quest to make it better? Some of us are looking for perfection though we aren't happy when we find it. This is because we're not really perfection bound. Instead, we love the process of building to a goal, then tearing down and starting again. Still others reach a point with their system of sheer bliss and this stays put for decades. And then there are the folks caught in between perfection seeking and blissful enjoyment. And, I think this is where most of us fall, wanting better and mostly happy with what we have. I have to admit I am caught in the middle of this dynamic too, though I lean heavily towards the perfection seeking and rarely happy when I find it. Perhaps a better way to put this pattern of mine is summit building. With each summit I crest I can see the distant mountain peaks of new challenges and musical pleasures to be enjoyed. Yes, perhaps that's it for me. Climbing peaks is what makes me happy.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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