That's what remotes are for

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That's what remotes are for
I can't think of a track in my library I play at the same volume level as another, though that seems too out there to be true. Regardless, let's say with some certainty that I change the volume level to match the musical track nearly every time I listen. This occurs because every piece of music has a specific level it is perfect when reproduced. Too loud and voices and instruments become too big. Too soft and tonal balance, as well as musical life, suffer. What this means is I keep my remote control at the ready. It's just part of what I do to offer me and others the perfect listening experience. Why hasn't someone come up with the means to fix this problem? I don't mean volume leveling, where the actual file is changed to reduce level variability. No, I mean a way to record the level as chosen by the listener and then the means to automatically adjust the preamp's gain in the exact same way a remote is used. I think this is definitely something we need to do.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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