Old words

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Old words
I drive an electric car yet I still step on the gas. I play music through modern transducers that cling to their original monicker from the 1800s: a loud speaker. It's natural we use words having lost their original meaning, but sometimes it might be helpful to consider adding a few new ones to keep pace with technology. We don't really associate high-frequency drivers with the tweeting of birds any more than we link low-frequency drivers to the woofs of dogs. Some older terms, like valves, are wonderful describing complex technical thoughts like those of how an amplifier works. Still others tend to cloud meaning, like capacitor which probably should have remained Condensor or Condensator. One of my favorite old words is more of a term: High Fidelity (HiFi). HiFi better describes what we do than Stereo or Stereophonic. After all, fidelity means faithfulness and loyalty to the source and the highest fidelity is what we're all after.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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