The progress journey

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The progress journey
Progress comes in steps of understanding. Think back to when you first got the itch to have a high-end audio system. Perhaps like me, you got bit upon the first listen to a true audiophile setup. My first taste was enjoyed through a friend's tri-amped Audio Research rig with a Decca cartridge, Rabco linear tracking turntable, twin 18" subs, electrostatic midrange panels, a Blue Flame tweeter, and ready access to a freezer full of fine hashish (It was, after all, the 1970s). Armed with a new level of understanding of what home audio could represent I set out to duplicate as much as I could afford. I consider that first introduction—the one that lit my flame—a Level 1 upgrade in understanding along the progress journey. Level 2 would be discovering how expensive and (at the time) unobtainable that system would be. Each new level of understanding has us circling back to our original goals and desires for a fresh look. Armed with new insight, this is how progress is made. How each of us gets from point A to point B is different (unable to afford what I dearly desired, I helped form an audio company to get it). The step-by-step process of gathering fresh understanding is kind of like climbing the steps of a ladder. With each rung, we see a different view. "If only I knew then what I know now." Of course, if that old chestnut ever came true I think it might be a shame. Perhaps it's helpful to remember it's the journey that counts.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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