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Just think for a second of how many variables there are to pay attention to in recorded music: tonality, imaging, transients, frequency response, separation of instruments, and so on. That's one big gulp of information. With all that information the best we can hope for when we critically listen is to notice if anything jumps out or is missing. There are just so many possibilities of what can go right or wrong that it's easiest to just see what makes itself known either by sins on commission or omission. Spotlighting is different. When we focus our attention on a narrow sonic area, say sibilance, it's much easier to discern whether or not the problem exists. Of course, if you're not me, or Darren, or Chris, or Scott—people who make a living paying attention to minute details that make up our music—then it's unlikely you're doing a lot of spotlighting. It is, however, a wonderful skill to have in one's back pocket when it comes time to evaluate a new piece of kit or a new release of music. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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