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Yesterday I waxed enthusiastically of the music and sound quality in Nashville's 3d and Lindsley country music venue. Today I'll share the opposite. Our success with excellent live sound emboldened us to venture out once more. Perhaps this Nashville music scene was unique, focusing on great sound, rather than necessitating ear protection. The Station Inn was recommended to us as the second best live venue in town. Unlike the first, this room looked like an acoustical disaster. Its low ceilings and square dimensions suggested major sonic problems, and we asked the bouncer for an opinion. "Best sound in Nashville," and he spit on the sidewalk. "Them other places play it too loud." Not more than three notes into the first set and I was running for the bathroom, preparing my wetted napkin earplugs I use in emergencies. Good grief! The music was horribly loud. To make matter worse the room supported a thunderous resonance between 100Hz and 200Hz. It literally howled when certain notes were hit. The others in the bar seemed not to notice. My ever-brave wife, Terri, approached the sound man and complained. "My husband says it's too loud," she yelled over the music. "He has to wear earplugs!" "Me too!" bellowed the sound man, "Go sit, little lady." When the sound man has to wear hearing protection, it's a good sign it's time to leave. Thanks goodness for Uber.
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Paul McGowan

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