The curse of new

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The curse of new

No sooner do I get a new ache or pain than my mind gravitates to the worst possible scenario. "No doubt it's cancer."

When a new product has a hiccup or fails to meet expectations we often jump to a worst-case conclusion that it's defective or broken.

We rarely allow for learning curves. New gear has to prove itself right out of the box and expectations are high.

This tendency to blame the new product can be particularly troublesome for interconnected products like network streamers. Our expectations are they just fit right in and work—a tough challenge when so many external factors have to line up.

As networks get smarter and standards more established, the chances for new interconnected gear to play nice with the others increases exponentially. Compare a network-connected device of five years ago with one just off the shelf. The former can be a struggle while the latter fits right in.

It's no accident the curse of new has lifted on most streamers but the bad taste of "connection frustrations" still hangs on for many.

How's your appetite for network streaming these days?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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