Weird to wonderful

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Weird to wonderful

Bringing new ideas, concepts, and radical change to an established way of doing things requires great effort—moving from weird to wonderful.

Imagine just a few of the major shifts within our lifetimes: tubes to solid-state, vinyl to CD, records to streaming. Each and every shift began life as the weird and only over time moved into the wonderful.

In my father's era, change came slowly. I remember him as being amongst a handful of pioneers separating speakers drivers from console HiFis and building separate enclosures. This was radical stuff as nearly all music reproduction systems were confined to a single box replete with everything needed to play music. It would be another decade or so that separate box speakers crept into the collective, and multiple decades after that for the electronics to separate into what we think of today as standard fare.

As a modern collective of audio lovers, we've had to adjust our acceptance levels with respect to the speed of change. What might have sent my father's head spinning seems normal to us. In fact, many are impatient for the next big breakthrough to come our way.

The pace of change is increasing. This excites me personally as I have always been impatient to experience (or cause) the next great revolution.

Where do you sit when it comes to change?

Does it feel weird or wonderful?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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