Surprise and delight

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Surprise and delight

What's better than reading all the reviews, researching everything you can, finally making the decision to go for it! and then playing your first notes of music on the new kit?

Being surprised and delighted at what you hear.

How is it we're ever surprised and delighted?

By exceeding our expectations.

And how were those expectations generated?

By our insatiable penchant to predict the future. 

If you look at our brain's architecture you'll find that we are prediction machines. We predict everything: the next words you're going to read, what other people are saying, what you're about to hear, which direction that driver in front of you is going to take, how food is going to affect us, how we're going to like or dislike a book or a movie.

Most of us are unaware of our constant predictions, but they are the core of what we call intelligence. 

Let me give you an example. Ever wonder what makes a comedian funny? It's really simple. She will take you down one path and then surprise you with the destination. "I just flew in from Cincinnati. Boy are my arms tired" You predicted the outcome of that sentence to be one thing and the comedian surprised and delighted you with something else. Something you did not predict.

(This prediction business, by the way, is how regenerative AI works)

 Even if you begin to understand the mechanisms behind our thought processes, it still is a surprise and delight to fire up a new piece of kit and have it "blow you away".

How wonderful to have one expectation and get something far better!

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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