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Say what?
While emailing back and forth with several new members of PS Audio's HiFi Family it became apparent they weren't aware of our podcast, Ohm's Law. In fact, turns out they had yet to ever listen to a podcast of any kind. This is foreign to me. I listen to podcasts daily and find them a wonderful way of absorbing new information on the subjects that interest me. Here are some of my favorites: Throughline, because I am a history buff and appreciate learning the origins of what is happening today. Akimbo, because Seth always inspires me. Infinite Monkey Cage, because I am at my core a science nerd. Revisionist's history, well, as I said, I like history and the roots of why things are the way they are today. And for those of you unfamiliar with Ohm's Law, which for the most part is simply an audio version of my Ask Paul videos, here are some of my favorites from back when they were separated. Uriah Heep Bernie Grundman Arnie Nudell Cat Stevens Elton John
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