Bernie Grundman

March 1, 2018
 by Paul McGowan

Mastering engineer Bernie Grundman is one of the most prolific in our industry, responsible for making better the works of artists like Carole King, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, and a host others. Grundman shares with Paul McGowan what’s involved with mastering, how important the signal chain is, why digital sounds the way it does and his view that analog and vinyl are always better.


4 comments on “Bernie Grundman”

  1. Great interview and well edited.

    I wish brick-walling and loudness would have been discussed but I’m guess that topic is off limits.

    Eager for more interviews!

  2. I just listened to your interview with Bernie Grundman and there is no question in my mind that this man Is a master of his craft. There’s also no question in my mind that this man knew how to listen and describe his impressions like few others. If any of you have not listen to this interview I suggest that you do to get a better idea of what this man’s thoughts were. He was absolutely a master at his craft IMHO.

  3. Paul (and Bernie). I don’t wish to sound disrespectful —just ever curious— but I wonder: the mixer has access to every microphone track, so will likely have a huge influence on the sound.

    Making the master from that is like me adding salt and pepper and sugar to a dish to make final adjustments up all the work that the chef has done.

    So maybe my real question is why don’t we hear about master mixers?

    Peter from Melbourne Australia.

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