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Ohms Law

Everything you ever wanted to know about audio, music and its reproduction is here. PS Audio co-founder and CEO Paul McGowan shares his more than 40 years of high-end audio experience, stories, interviews, and hilarious tales in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Ohm's Law is produced by PS Audio and presented ad-free for the community. Subscribe through your phone's podcast app and get the latest each day. And please, leave us a rating so others will join in.

Recent Episodes

All about phono cartridge loading 0

Phono cartridges demand proper loading to sound right but what does that actually mean? How do you find the proper load impedance and what happens when it’s wrong?

Does the shape of your ear matter? 0

A reviewer from Japan puts forth the notion that if you have the same shaped ear as the reviewers you like your tastes will match theirs. Is it true?

How do you know nirvana? 0

We are all searching for that perfect sound, that holy grail of sonic splendor in our systems. How do we know when we’ve arrived?

Are separates better than built ins? 0

Receivers and integrates have been designed as systems so is it true that a separate phono stage from another company can possibly be better than the one built in?