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Ohms Law

Everything you ever wanted to know about audio, music and its reproduction is here. PS Audio co-founder and CEO Paul McGowan shares his more than 40 years of high-end audio experience, stories, interviews, and hilarious tales in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Ohm's Law is produced by PS Audio and presented ad-free for the community. Subscribe through your phone's podcast app and get the latest each day. And please, leave us a rating so others will join in.

Recent Episodes

Is there a quality to watts? 0

Some power amplifiers and integrators sound better than others. Does that mean the quality of their watts is better or could there be something else going on?

Can you record tube sound? 0

Vacuum tube sound is different than vinyl sound and so on. Does that mean that the differences are real enough to record?

Glass audio diffusers 0

Audio diffusers can be made of many types of material, but glass? While decorative, this person asks Paul a most unusual question.

2 woofers better than one? 0

Why do so many loudspeakers feature multiple smaller woofers while it’s known you need big woofers for bass?

Would PS Audio consider an IC? 0

PS Audio on occasion uses ICs but, for the most part, we rely upon the benefits of discrete circuitry. Would we consider a custom IC?

How do stereos image? 0

What combinations of equipment, room, and skill go into making a stereo image? Learn from the Audiophile Guru, Paul.

How a DAC works 0

Digital to analog converters are not the easiest devices to understand. Here, Paul helps us with a simple explanation.